About Us


Heart a Cancer Fighter is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people show their love to a cancer fighter. When a cancer fighter’s friend or loved one reaches out to us with a request, we work with donors and other partners to make the request possible. We are not a “charity” in that we do not give help in the form of money. Instead we coordinate inspirational experiences, moments, or events that empower cancer fighters with inner-strength and faith. We want to help show them God’s love and how other people are standing with them in prayer.

Fulfilling a Dream

Pam hearted her husband of 46 years fighting stage 4 prostate cancer. A man who worries more about others than himself and who has done everything possible to get more time. Together with his wife, we were able to heart him  with tickets to his favorite team, the Kansas City Royals.

 We had such a wonderful time and the Royals even cooperated by winning in walk-off fashion in extra innings! Exciting! And the weather was so beautiful, not too cold yet, so that was nice, as Du is pretty sensitive to temperature changes right now, due to his treatment. We are forever grateful!


I (DEFINITELY) Heart a Cancer Patient

My Grandma,
My Best Friend...

Patty hearted her grandma who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Her grandma despite it all still keeps smiling and has been an inspiration to many people who care and love her so much. She absolutely loves the crosswords in the local newspaper. Together with her granddaughter, we were able to heart her with crosswords!

 Oh God bless you!! Thank you so much for this!!! It made her day!!!!!



Giving Hope

Allison hearted her sister fighting stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer who had to sell her car because her vision became so poor due to brain radiation and neuropathy in her feet and could not feel the pedals. Every day grocery shopping and housekeeping have become an extreme challenge for her. Together with her sister, we were able to heart her with groceries and a house cleaning!

 First of all, God bless you, I never expected such a quick response. Cancer is so overwhelming and while we are blessed to still have our sister with us, each of these struggles that chip away at her independence are heartbreaking and difficult for “Big Sis” to handle alone. Please just know what a great help and blessing this is. My sister is thrilled! Thank you so much!